The People Index - see concept, manual, comparative results, and the hitherto produced case studies Germany, Finland, USA, Saudi Arabia, NS system - is a public project: The sources of all used data shall be cited as precisely as possible. Anybody interested in discussing given results or in performing a new case study is entitled and supported to do so. In the following, you find some hints on how you can produce a new case study of your choice.
1. Search a case you would like to produce an index study on. Look at the hitherto made case studies to avoid double work. It would be good to communicate your project with us (, since further case studies are currently under work. 2. Copy and paste the text of the index questions (1 - 13) together with their explications in the manual. 3. Search for materials to answer the index questions as precisely as possible according to the manual points; place then the found materials at the individual questions and points. 4. Assess all found stuff regarding to each question as well as possible (just try!). At that you should list up the individual manual points referring to each question and note your scores (between 0 and 100%) for each point; then add your evaluations without any weighting. 5. Count up all resulting questions’ scores to overall scores for the three main indicators (of, by, for the people) according to the same principle (no weighting) and note these scores. 6. Formulate text versions to all index questions regarding your case a) to present relevant data b) to argue your evaluation. 7. Present particularly significant or precarious data sets in form of tables or figures. 8. Present your evaluation in a clear and impressive manner. Significant parts of your presentation refer to a substantial sub-title of your case study and an explicit summary underneath this title. We are grateful for any new case study to be performed. Case studies sent to us are going to be published on our website - with your agreement. In case you need any further advice just write us:    
The People Index: A Public Project How to produce a new case study of your choice   
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